Bonne Nuit

Pineapple Stopper by Fiona Walker

29.95 GBP
Add to your children's room as a bookend, doorstop or just dotted somewhere around the house to brighten up a space.  
Made from 100% organic lamb's wool felt, stuffed with polyester. 
As the items are handmade they may vary slightly in size to what is specified

Dimensions: 44 x 8cm. (approx)

Fiona Walker England

Fair Trade Guidelines and Social Objectives followed;

·         Fair working hours

·         Above minimum wage rates

·         Large female workforce that is paid equally to male staff

·         Female management and leadership

·         Transport provided for female workforce to and from work

·         Time off readily given for family appointments and problems

·         Additional benefits to workers – personal loans, help with medical bills

·         Water treatment recycling dying plant, 80% of water recycled

·         Protects water resources for farming and local consumption

·         Waste Management of all by products of the dying process (solid cakes disposed of)

·         Local community projects supported – funds are given to a local institute for the mentally disadvantaged