Bonne Nuit

Pink Crown by Fiona Walker

12.95 GBP
Make any of your animal heads royal with this adorable pink crown - simply place and adorn!
Made from 100% organic lamb's wool felt, stuffed with polyester 
As the items are handmade they may vary slightly in size to what is specified

Fiona Walker England

Fair Trade Guidelines and Social Objectives followed;

·         Fair working hours

·         Above minimum wage rates

·         Large female workforce that is paid equally to male staff

·         Female management and leadership

·         Transport provided for female workforce to and from work

·         Time off readily given for family appointments and problems

·         Additional benefits to workers – personal loans, help with medical bills

·         Water treatment recycling dying plant, 80% of water recycled

·         Protects water resources for farming and local consumption

·         Waste Management of all by products of the dying process (solid cakes disposed of)

·         Local community projects supported – funds are given to a local institute for the mentally disadvantaged