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Pink Monkey Teether by Matchstick Monkey

10 GBP
A fun and flexible textured teething toy with bumps on the back of the head to help keep gels or granules in place whilst massaging those back gums at the same time.

Toothbrush Bumps are soft & kind to your baby's gums while the arms help babies firmly grip and chew their monkeys with ease.

Matchstick Monkeys are a hygienic approach to applying teething products and get to the source of the pain helping to soothe sore gums. They are also the perfect training toothbrush to massage the gums

Dishwasher safe & freezer friendly.

BPA free, made from FDA approved silicone.

About Matchstick Monkey

Katie (Matchstick Monkey's founder) found that from just one month old her daughter experienced bad teething pain, she was up every 1/2 hour and had 3 teeth before 3 months

Katie did all she could by trying to apply pain relief gels / oils and granules directly to the source of the pain but couldn't get past her front teeth without constantly getting bitten. For those that have gone through this process before, you already know how painful a single bite can be!

Katie could not find anything on the market that could help her to get past those first few teeth and massage the teething gel to her daughter's sore gums without getting badly bitten. So when she gave birth to her second daughter Coco, Matchstick Monkey was born.

Why a monkey?

Katie's daughter has always been a little bit obsessed with monkeys. She is always carrying one around, small, tall, thin, fat - if it is a monkey she would love it. Having small hands it was very important to make something easy to hold. This is when the Matchstick (skinny) part of Matchstick Monkey was born.