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"Watch Me Grow!" Baby Milestone Blanket™ by BATZkids (EXCLUSIVE!)

30 GBP
EXCLUSIVE to us here in the UK!

BATZkids Original Baby Milestone Blanket™ "Watch me Grow" is the perfect option for you to keep track of your babe's height and weight!

This blanket easily allows you to take and post pictures of your newborns growth. The simplicity of the blanket allows you to show the personality of your baby and yourself through different accents each month!

It's the perfect background for the precious pictures you take each month in the first year of their life and as your baby grows. You can add your own accents each month, as well as adding their favourite toys, blankets and more to show what they love at each stage in their first year.

Please note that this is not intended for actual measurement and does not come with numbers or arrows.

Blanket Details:
-Made out of BAMBOO COTTON MUSLIN which means its ULTRA SOFT
-Size is 47in x 47in and pre washed so it WON'T SHRINK!!
-Screen printed so it looks great, and WON'T FADE!!
-BATZkids do have a copyright logo on the blanket in the bottom right corner.
-Care: Machine wash cold. Air or tumble dry low.
-Fonts and sizes of numbers may vary slightly

About BATZkids
Chelsie is a WAHM (work at home mum)! She has 3 little boys, who are the centre of her life! She has an amazing husband who is supportive and works quietly in the background to help Chelsie with so many things.

BATZkids have filed Copyrights on all designs, and have Patent Pending on all Growth Tracking Flexible sheets.